The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Head in the clouds: Re-imagining the experimental laboratory record for the web-based networked world.

Author: Cameron Neylon The means we use to record the process of carrying out research remains tied to the concept of a paginated paper notebook despite the advances over the past decade in web based communication and publication tools. The development of these tools offers an opportunity to re-imagine what the laboratory record would look … Read more

Changing computational research. The challenges ahead.

Author: Cameron Neylon Aerts, Jan Brown, C Titus Coles, Simon J Hatton, Les Lemire, Daniel Millman, K Jarrod Murray-Rust, Peter Perez, Fernando Saunders, Neil Shah, Nigam Smith, Arfon Varoquaux, Gaël Willighagen, Egon Journal: Source Code Biol Med 2012 vol 7 issue 1 pagination 2 PMID: 22640749 PMCID: 0 ISSN: 1751-0473 Archive:

The Altmetrics Collection

Authors:  Priem, J. Paul Groth Taraborelli, D. What paper should I read next? Who should I talk to at a conference? Which research group should get this grant? Researchers and funders alike must make daily judgments on how to best spend their limited time and money–judgments that are becoming increasingly difficult as the volume of … Read more