The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Universities and Libraries Envision a ‘Federated System’ for Public Access to Research

Author: Jennifer Howard As federal agencies scramble to meet an August 22 deadline to comply with a recent White House directive to expand public access to research, a group of university and library organizations says it has a workable, higher-education-driven solution. This week, the Association of American Universities, the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities, and the Association … Read more

A Chorus of Boos

Author: Michael Eisen The Association of American Publishers recently proposed to implement a public access database called CHORUS on behalf of funding agencies. Given their vocal opposition to the US government’s public access mandates on federally funded research, Michael Eisen is very sceptical of their ability to enable improved access. Furthermore, there is no need for commercial publishers … Read more

Scientific Publishers Offer Solution to White House’s Public Access Mandate

Author: Jocelyn Kaiser A group of scientific publishers today announced a plan for allowing the public to read taxpayer-funded research papers for free by linking to journals' own websites. The publishers say that this will eliminate the need for federal agencies to archive the papers themselves to comply with a new government directive. Details are sketchy, … Read more

Chapter, Verse, and CHORUS: A first pass critique

Author: Cameron Neylon The Association of American Publishers have launched a response to the OSTP White House Executive Order on public access to publicly funded research. In this they offer to set up a registry or system called CHORUS which they suggest can provide the same levels of access to research funded by Federal Agencies … Read more