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Digital Forensics for Cloud Security

Author: Vipul Chawathe The data consumed by cloud is hosted by dedicated data center. Such voluminous data requires intelligent mining for informational usage. Herein, I've described the basics for such a system. ISSN: 2277 – 6664 Archive:

Cloud Forensics- An IS Approach

Authors: Vipul Chawathe Bandu Meshram Digital Forensics is an increasingly important and diverse R&D area charged with providing vital evidence to legal proceedings and gathering data to determine vulnerabilities exploited during system attacks. Clouds’ forensics requires Intelligent Systems owing to the voluminous data content within the data store of the service provider. The functional programming … Read more

ACO based Mining of a Cloud Data Center

Author: Vipul Chawathe The ACO algorithms belong to Swarm family of Intelligent Systems in Artificial Intelligence domain. They are natural choice for the task of data mining when the source can be logically partitioned. A cloud host data center is seen partitioned as such amongst the clouds. As clouds are deployed as per SLAs, the … Read more