The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Practical Hacking On Identifiers at BiOSphere 2 (PHOIBOS2), Feb. 17-19, 2016, Oracle, Arizona, USA

In the era of big data and informatics, there is growing awareness among scientists and scientific data managers of the need for permanent, globally unique identifiers for both physical specimens and digital data, leading to the development of new systems for minting, tracking, resolving, and querying identifiers. However, existing identifier systems have not yet been … Read more

Cloud computing; Threat or Menace?

Back in May The Economist hosted a debate on cloud computing:  Big companies have embraced the cloud more slowly than expected. Some are holding back because of the cost. Others are wary of entrusting sensitive data to another firm’s servers. Should companies be doing most of their computing in the cloud? It was sponsored by Microsoft, who larded … Read more