The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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FORCE2016 Steven Pinker Talk

Is the rise of hedging language in scientific papers correlated in time with the rise in peer review?   By, Dan Katz – See more at: Archive:

Endorse Open Data in a Big Data World

The 2015 edition of Science International has developed an international accord on the values of open data in the emerging scientific culture of big data. The Accord recognises the need for an international framework of principles on “Open Data in a Big Data World” and proposes a comprehensive set of principles. These principles provide a … Read more

Working Beyond Borders: Why We Need Global Diversity in Scholarly Communications

The session Working Beyond Borders was proposed by Cameron Neylon and Leslie Chan with the intent of raising critical conversations about the need to include non Anglo-centric perspectives on scholarly communication. Moderated by Dominique Babini, Open Access researcher at the University of Buenos Aires and Coordinator of Research and Advocacy at CLACSO, it featured presentations by … Read more