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Michele Mennielli on FORCE 17: “to build interactions between systems you have to first build interactions between people.”

Michele Mennielli is the International Membership and Partnership Manager of DuraSpace and attended the first Force 11 conference. We had a nice and beautiful conversation, which I would like to share with you. Is this your first meeting? Yes, it is. Wow, welcome! What made you decide to attend this year? I am working on … Read more

Michael Kurtz on FORCE 17: “State of the art in a broad spectrum.”

I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Kurtz, Project Scientist for the Astrophysics Data System during the Force 2017 conference in Berlin. We had an interesting conversation: Is this your first meeting? No, I have been here from the beginning; I even spoke at the first PDF meeting. These are very interesting meetings: they combine the four forces that … Read more

Maryann Martone on FORCE 17: “we need to harness our collective resources and expertise to effect change”

During the Force 2017 Conference, I had a lovely chat with Former President, Maryann Martone, who currently works with as their Director of Biosciences. This is what she had to say. Why do you remain interested in the Force? I am a researcher and a neuroscientist. Very early in my career I got into neuroscience … Read more