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Interest in a sociocultural-historical theory/structural systemic approach interest group?

Author: Adam LeRoy I am interested in forming a group similar to the Manchester sociocultural theory interest group. The group would primarily be a collective focused on discussion and reading. A key objective may be to focus on modern authors focused on refining method in sociocultural-historical theory/cultural-historical psychology. Currently, I have been most focused on Toomela, … Read more

American Journal Experts and Research Square host regional Society of Scholarly Publishing event in North Carolina

Author: Theresa Somerville The first Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Durham Regional Event of 2018 took place on May 10 at the offices of Research Square in downtown Durham, North Carolina. This event, organized collaboratively by American Journal Experts (AJE), Research Square, Duke University Press, and Oxford University Press, is the sixth SSP regional event offered … Read more