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Attribution Working Group


This working group focuses on attribution for research products (including publications, datasets, software, research resources, etc.). We recognize that contributor roles can extend beyond those asserted for authorship and while related, are also distinct.  We seek to discuss and define methods to recognize all those who contribute to a project, publication, or other research object, whether or not they are formally listed as authors or named in acknowledgements. A number of efforts are ongoing in the group, including collaborative writings and projects.

Please join us! This work will be stronger with participation from members from many different communities.


Kristi Holmes
Mohammad Hosseini
Nicole Vasilevsky
Karen E Gutzman
Melissa Haendel

Goals & Deliverables

  • Collate and review existing efforts on scholarly contribution; complete landscape review to compare and contrast the key types of contributions across the different taxonomies/systems
  • Contribute to the scholarly discussion on relevant topics, manuscript on authorship (here)
  • Develop approaches to support computable credit and pilot test the consensus implementation.
    • Develop technical recommendations for publishers, IRs, research profiling systems to implement.
    • Develop social recommendations to support attribution workflows by individuals and organizations.

Related Efforts

There are a number of related efforts that have varying degrees of scope, technical implementation, and documentation, such as:  Contributor List Creator, PROV, the Becker Model, Transitive Credit, SCoRO, and the work of the NISO CRediT Standing Committee.

How to Join

  1. Instructions for joining working group: Sign into Force11
  2. After Signing in,  subscribe to the group here (right column on page): You will automatically be added to the group mailing list and group folder.

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