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Active Community Committees

Please find below the list of current FORCE11 committees

If you are interested in joining a committee use the link below


Executive Committees

Code of Conduct Committee

Committee reviews and creates an action plan for any code of conduct violations. Monitors the community, changes in norms, or as situations arise, and recommends changes to the CoC to the Board for approval.

Nominating Committee

Meets annually to determine with the BoD number of positions available, conduct nomination process and create a slate of candidates for Board elections.

Resource Committees

Fundraising Committee

Oversee and implement fundraising strategies for FORCE11, FORCE Conference and FSCI.

Implement fundraising strategy put forth by Sustainability Committee. Implement and manage sponsorship programs for FORCE11 Conference and FSCI. Find out more

Sustainability Subcommittee

The Sustainability Committee prepares a strategic plan for sustainability funding for FORCE11.

Website Committee

The FORCE11 website committee is responsible for the digital strategy and devops of the website, its day-to-day running, and supporting infrastructure, as well as supporting the FORCE11 organization and members in using the website. Find out more

Community Engagement Committees

Communications Committee

Responsible for overall communication for all FORCE11 activities, coordinates and liaisons with other committees and board of directors including posting communications to website, social media, keeps all marketing materials current including graphic resources on the website. Find out more

Working Groups Committee

Coordinate and manage working group activities. Solicit new Groups, review Groups’ work plans, and appoint Group chairs. Add new member requests to groups. Note: Groups are distinct from committees. 

Membership Committee

The membership community will be responsible for developing a membership strategy to present to the FORCE11 Board for review and approval. The membership committee will be responsible for implementing the membership system, conducting membership campaigns, recruiting members to join and to manage the onboarding process of new members including developing onboarding materials. 

Upstream Editorial Committee

Upstream is a space for open enthusiasts to discuss open approaches to scholarly communication. Team Upstream is responsible for the technical platform and editorial calendar. Find out more

Event Committees

Community Calls (Webinar) Committee

Organize, publicize (liaise with Comms), select speakers, design program with speakers, connect with working groups, facilitate and moderate calls. 

FORCE11 Conference Committees

The FORCE2022 Conference Organizing Committee will organize the FORCE2022 Conference to be held online April 18-20, 2023. The FORCE11 Conferences Advisory Committee will in parallel initiate conversations around the performance, the future and the sustainability of FORCE11 conferences. Find out more

FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute (FSCI) Organizing Committee

The FSCI Organizing Committee organizes a scholarly communications institute each summer to provide educational courses. Find out more