The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Open Access Books Toolkit

A new toolkit for book authors that has just been launched.     Access the toolkit: The OAPEN Foundation has launched a new open access (OA) books toolkit for researchers

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Infrastructure series: Standards

Web technologies and standards are central to just about everything discussed so far in this series so this month we turn our attention to web standards

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Fireside Chats at the Open Publishing Festival

This is cross-posted from the COKI (Curtin Open Knowedge Initiative) blog. The Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative aims to play a leading role in analysing and reporting on the way higher education institutions provide open access

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Open Publishing Fest: Fireside Chats

At last year's FORCE2019, the Open Publishing Awards were part of the pre-meeting festivities.  The organizers of that event, Coko, were thrilled with the response and decided to follow up by organizing

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