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FSCI 2024

Increasing Transparency, Integrity, and Trust in Research

FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute in partnership with the UCLA Library

Agenda – At a glance

Modified: Thu, 18 Apr 2024 14:07:09 +0000
Published: 18 Apr 2024

Virtual Week

  • This first week will feature completely virtual courses.  
  • All course content will be available through the Whova course site.
  • We recommend that attendees choose only one early course and one late course, due to conflicting course times.
  • Register for the Virtual Courses.
Date:Mon 7/22Tues 7/23Wed 7/24Thurs 7/25Fri 7/26
(Pac time)
FSCI “Opening”
Early Virtual
Courses (V01 – V08)
Early Virtual
Courses (V01 – V08)
Early Virtual
Courses (V01 – V08)
FSCI Plenary
A few Early courses 
(Pac time)
Late Virtual
Courses (V09 – V15)
Late Virtual
Courses (V09 – V15)
Late Virtual
Courses (V09 – V15)

UCLA Campus week

  • This second week will feature completely in-person courses, at the UCLA Library, from Monday to Wednesday, followed by the closing event Thursday morning.
  • Attendees can only choose one early course and one late course.
  • It will be followed by the FORCE11 2024 Conference, Thursday through Saturday.
  • Register for the Campus Courses.
Date:Mon 7/29Tues 7/30Wed 7/31Thurs 8/1Fri 8/2Sat 8/3
MorningFSCI “Welcome” Plenary Early coursesEarly coursesFSCI Closing(+ virtual) and
F11 Conference Opening
F11 Conf F11 Conf  
Early courses
AfternoonLate coursesLate coursesLate coursesF11 Conf F11 Conf (finish at Noon or 1PM)
EveningUCLA Library Reception