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FSCI 2023

Enhancing the Global Impact of Open Scholarship

FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute in partnership with UCLA Library

FSCI Team & Contacts 2023

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Published: 24 Jul 2023
Steering Committee
Martin Brennan, UCLA Library, Chair
Nicky Agate, University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Stephanie Hagstrom, FASEB
Ronald Margolis, NIH (Emiritus)
Fiona Murphy, Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd
Cameron Neylon, Curtin University
Daniel O’Donnell, University of Lethbridge
Amy Price, University of Oxford

Program Committee
Kathleen Jagodnik, Bar-Ilan University Co-Chair
Anneliese Taylor UC San Francisco Co-Chair
Martin Brennan, UCLA Library
Jennifer Chan, UCLA Library
Gimena del Rio Riande, CONICET, Argentina
Nina Exner, Virginia Commonwealth University
Samir Hachani, Algiers’ University
Stephanie Hagstrom, FASEB
Ye Li, MIT
Samya Brata Roy, Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur

Participant Experience Committee (PEC)
Yuhan Douglas Rao, North Carolina State University, Chair
Barbara Bordalejo, University of Saskatchewan
Nathan Woods, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign
Osman Aldirdiri, SPARC Africa
Jonathan Grunert, SUNY Geneseo
Clarke Iakovakis, Oklahoma State University
Tom Olijhoek, Directory of Open Access Journals

Archive Committee
Anna Oates, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Chair
Nina Exner, Virginia Commonwealth University
Danny Kingsley, Consultant
Ye Li, MIT
Erica Zhang, UCLA Library

Advisory Committee
Juan Pablo Alperin, Simon Fraser College Public Knowledge Project
Phil Bourne, University of Virginia
Joseph Bristow, UCLA
Tim Clark, University of Virginia
David De Roure, Oxford University
Miho Funamori, National Institute of Informatics
Elizabeth Gadd, Loughborough
Carole Goble, University of Manchester
Heather Joseph, Scholarly Publishing and
Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)
Danny Kingsley, Cambridge University
Catriona MacCallum, Hindawi Publishing
Maryann Martone, UC San Diego
Robert McDonald, University of Colorado, Boulder
Nirmala Menon, Digital Humanities and Publishing Research Group
at the Indian Institute of Technology
Susanna-Assunta Sansone, University of Oxford
and Nature Publishing Group
Ray Siemens, DHSI and University of Victoria
Virginia Steel, UCLA Library

For questions contact Lusia Veksler at

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