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FSCI 2024

Increasing Transparency, Integrity, and Trust in Research

FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute in partnership with the UCLA Library

Registration & Housing

Modified: Wed, 22 May 2024 17:47:57 +0000
Published: 22 May 2024

Registration Instructions

Be sure to read all of these instructions before proceeding to the registration portal.

First, be sure to read the FSCI 2024 Courses & Abstracts, and choose which courses you would like to attend.

Consider the times of each course as you choose.

  • FSCI Virtual registrants can choose up to 2 virtual courses – one early (V01-V08) and one late (V09-V15).
  • FSCI Campus (in-person) registrants must choose 1 morning session (C01 – C06) and 1 afternoon session (C07 – C13). 

Once you have the courses you’d like in mind, then proceed to the registration page.


The registration page covers:

  • the FSCI Virtual week, Monday July 22nd through Friday July 26th, and
  • The FSCI Campus (in-person) sessions, Monday July 29th through Wednesday July 31st, and
  • The FORCE11 Annual Conference, Thursday August 1st through Saturday August 3rd.

You can choose to attend one, two, or all three of these events.  However, Every registrant, including FORCE11 Conference registrants, should select the free “FSCI General Admission” in order to gain access to all FSCI’s (optional and virtual) plenary and community events.

FORCE11 Conference registrants can choose the “FORCE11 Conference”, and they will gain access to all events at the conference.  This agenda is still being built, so there will not be much on the calendar until June / July. FORCE11 Conference-only attendees can disregard course selection.


Campus Housing

If you are attending the in-person events, you can choose one of the Campus housing options, which includes a single bed in a dormitory, with a private bathroom attached to your room. This includes breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. There is a limited amount of rooms available, and this is a very affordable rate for the UCLA Campus area.

On the registration page, you can select the number of nights that you will stay in Campus Housing; please think this through and choose carefully! After you complete this first page, on the second page you can indicate the dates you will arrive and depart.

  • If you are only attending FSCI, we suggest that you choose 4 nights – arriving Sunday the 28th and departing Thursday August 1st.
  • If you are only attending the FORCE11 Conference, we suggest you choose 3 nights – arriving Wednesday July 31st, and departing on Saturday August 3rd.
  • If you are attending both FSCI and the FORCE11 Conference, we suggest you choose 6 nights – arriving Sunday the 28th and departing on Saturday August 3rd.
  • However, you can set an alternate schedule as you see fit. You can arrive as early as Saturday July 27th, and depart as late as Sunday Aug. 4th.

Note that if you have any mobility issues: the Campus housing option places you in a student dormitory about a 15 minute walk from the UCLA Library.  Walking this distance requires going down a hill and back up a hill. We suggest that anyone with mobility issues stay in the UCLA Guest house, a decent 3-star hotel on campus.  It is more expensive ($249/night plus tax) and contains breakfast but not lunch. But it is much more accessible and easier to reach the UCLA Library from the Guest house. 

Each individual guest must make their own UCLA Guest House reservations by calling (310) 825-2923 by June 28, 2024, and refer to the group code for FSCI/FORCE11.

Of course, there are many options for lodging in the Westwood Village and Los Angeles area, and self-pay campus parking and food options will be available for commuters.