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Data Citation Implementation Group




This group is a follow-on group from the Data Citation Working group and endorsement of the Data Citation Principles. This group will assist with the implementation of the Principles in practice.

Publication:  Achieving human and machine accessibility of cited data in scholarly publications

Data Citation Implementation Group Status and Road Map Slides (Oct. 6, 2014)

Co-chairs: Tim Clark (Harvard), Merce Crosas (Harvard), Jo McEntyre (EBI), Joan Starr (California Digital Library), Mark Wilkinson, Ph.D.(UPM-INIA)

Expected Duration: ~ 18 months, ending June 30, 2015.

Results Delivery: Phased, beginning September, 2014

Standard concall logistics

  • Date/time: Alternate Mondays, 11am Boston time.  Restart after summer break on Monday, Sept 22.
  • US/Canada:  +1 866 740 1260
  • International:
  • Access Code: 9477098

Approach and Deliverables

The Force11 Data Citation Implementation Group (DCIG) was formed to develop GUIDELINES for IMPLEMENTING the JOINT DATA CITATION PRINCIPLES for direct data citations in scholarly articles. It bases its work on the Principles, and has attempted to address as many questions of detail, arising from these Principles, as possible.

The Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (JDDCP, “the Principles”) has been widely endorsed, but deliberately did not provide any such implementation details, guidelines or approaches. Hence the formation of this group is intended to catalyze rapid convergence on approaches, and practical implementation of data citation.

DCIG began by defining as a group, the main open implementation issues implied by an organization's JDDCP endorsement. Sub-teams of DCIG members then proceeded to “check out” question sets to work on, and return results and deliverables to the group as a whole.

The main work outputs agreed to date are:

  1. Revised NISO/JATS XML schema for direct data citation. (DRAFT complete)
  2. List of JDDCP-conformant identifier schemes and criteria for conformance. (DRAFT complete)
  3. Specific JDDCP-compliant persistence guarantee language for repositories to adopt. (DRAFT complete)
  4. Set of exemplar publishing workflows for data deposition, identifier validation and citation. Joint task with RDA Workflows WG. (In process; four publisher workflows complete and documented)
  5. Common data repository interface definition. (Not yet started)
  6. Common approach for data timeslice / version specification in citations. (Not yet started)

We expect the majority of work tasks to be completed by the end of calendar 2014, with Common Repository Interfaces and Data Time Slice & Version References still remaining to be completed in 2015. A significant synergy with the FAIRPORT project of ELIXIR has been identified and will be pursued.

Work Team, Question Sets and Associated Deliverables   To join a work team contact

Current work teams and question sets

Team 1 – Jo McEntyre et al.

  • Deliverable: Proposed NISO/JATS XML schema revisions with method of publisher alignment and standardization.
  • Status: DRAFT complete, in testing, and on track to propose as a formal revision to the NISO committee in Fall, 2014.
  • Team1 Discussions
  • Team 1 Documents

Team 2 – Joan Starr et al.

  • Deliverable: List of JDDCP-conformant identifier schemes.
  • Status: Draft complete.
  • Deliverable: Persistence guarantees and language.
  • Status: Draft complete.
  • Deliverable, Question Set 6 (6.3 and 6.4) Should we develop a list of JDCCP-Conformant Repositories; if so, what repositories?
  • Status: In discussion. Current consensus: NO LIST. Repositories to self-define by adopting the Persistence Guarantee Language.
  • Team 2 Discussions
  • Team 2 Documents

Team 3 – Tim Clark et al., jointly with RDA Workflows WG

  • Deliverable: Exemplar publishing WORKFLOWS for assigning and validating dataset IDs.
  • Status: In development; workflows from NPG, F1000, NSIDC, and OJS, have been documented and presented.
  • Team 3 Discussions
  • Team 3 Documents

Team 4 – Merce Crosas et al. “Common repository interfaces”.

Open Question Sets and Deliverables

  • The following question sets are both open and presently unclaimed by a work team.
  • Question Set 7: Dataset Version and Timeslice Citation – Opeb


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