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Data Citation Implementation Pilot (DCIP)

This group's activities have finished. 
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The FORCE11 has been awarded supplemental funding as part of the NIH BD2K bioCADDIE project to extend the work of the Data Citation Implementation Group by organizing a Data Citation Implementation Pilot (DCIP).

Members of this FORCE11 community have been participating in NIH meetings and bioCADDIE workshops and contributed substantial materials to the bioCADDIE white paper outlining the vision for a Data Discovery Index produced by bioCADDIE.  Concrete plans were formulated by members of the community to conduct a pilot project on data citation with international partners based on the FORCE2015 bioCADDIE data citation workshop and the joint Elixr-BD2K workshop held in January.  At both of these workshops, significant support was expressed for testing the proposed implementation of the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (JDDCP), developed by the FORCE11 Data Citation Implementation Group.  The joint Elixr-BD2K workshop recommended a data citation pilot project as one of two outcomes of the meeting.

This program is run by an Executive Committee (see below) and funded by the NIH.  We welcome participation by the FORCE11 community through this working group, as the program evolves.  However, this working group as a whole will not meet regularly at this time.  Our initial activity is an invitation-only workshop in Boston on February 3rd, geared towards publishers and data repositories.  We will be posting a synopsis of this meeting on these pages.  


  • Our primary goal is to provide basic coordination between publishers, repositories and identifier / metadata services for early adopters of data citation according to the JDDCP
  • To meet this goal we will provide authoritative guidance and group consultation on data citation implementation to help establish one or more benchmark implementations of data citation based on (a) JDDCP and (b) Starr et al 2015, its cross-domain implementation guidance.
  • The period of performance will be one year, during which we hope to enable several exemplar implementations by important early adopters across key use cases; and provide group consensus on lessons learned to the community. 
  • As part of this activity we expect to publish several peer-reviewed articles and a final report.
  • Our first article, on the JDDCP for Nature Scientific Data, is in preparation.
  • We are also planning a peer-reviewed article submission based on Debbie Lapeyre’s 2015 white paper on citing data in JATS.
  • We will cooperate with CODATA’s outreach in their broad international workshops on data citation as complementary to the focused early adopter approach we will suppor

Executive Committee

Maryann Martone, Hypothesis and UCSD, Chair
Tim Clark, Harvard Medical School, Chair
Carole Goble, The University of Manchester 
Jeffrey Grethe, UCSD and bioCADDIE
Jo McEntyre, EMBL-EBI
Joan Starr, California Digital Library
Martin Fenner, DataCite
Simon Hodson, CODATA
Chun-Nan Hsu, UCSD 

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Tim Clark

Tim Clark

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