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Scholarly Commons Working Group

Now available in the Zenodo community for the scholarly commons: slides and video of the December 8, 2017 call.


Are we ready to define the Scholarly Commons? As a community, we are exploring what is required for a scholarly communication ecosystem designed for 21st century scholarship. We call this ecosystem the Scholarly Commons. The scholarly commons is not a single platform or tool, but rather the principles, best practices, interfaces and standards that should govern the multidirectional flow of scholarly objects through all phases of the research process from conception to dissemination.

The project continues the work of the Commons working group to define what is common across communities and builds upon communications and proposals made at various FORCE11 workshops. These efforts helped us discover, catalog and map existing tools and technologies that empower individuals, communities and organizations around the world to participate in open scholarship.  We are now bringing these elements together to establish cohesive workflows that connect individual scholars to the new, open scholarship ecosystem that is rapidly emerging around us.

Help us reimagine scholarship and define the scholarly commons at and @scholrlycommons


  • We have 4 active subgroups. Everyone is encouraged to join these efforts!

  1. Self Critique:  To assess where we stand regarding issues of diversity and inclusion.

  2. Principles:  To produce a set of updated principles that define the commons based on the two workshops and the sets of charters issued by groups around the world.

  3. Decision trees:  Sets of actions that can or should be taken to produce commons-compliant research objects.

  4. Enabling technologies and infrastructures: Exploring supportive technologies and infrastructures that will enable the culture of the commons to flourish.




Steering Committee

Jeroen Bosman, Utrecht University
Ian Bruno, CCDC
Robin Champieux, OHSU
Chris Chapman, Pentandra
Bastian Greshake, OpenSNP
Stephanie Hagstrom, UCSD
Nate Jacobs, UCLA

Bianca Kramer, Utrecht University
Maryann Martone, UCSD and Hypothesis
Fiona Murphy, Independent
Daniel O'Donnell, University of Lethbridge

Group Email:


Funded by the The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust Biomedical Research Infrastructure Program 



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Maryann Martone

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