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FSCI Executive Committee

Description Produced in collaboration with the UCLA Library, the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute (FSCI) is a week-long summer school of Scholarly Communications training courses, incorporating intensive coursework, seminar participation, group activities,

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FORCE11 Communications and Marketing

The FORCE11 Communications and Marketing Committee was brought together (in 2018) to help raise the profile of the FORCE11 organisation. We are professionals with marketing and PR experience working in

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FSCI18-Local Arrangements Committee

The Local Arrangements Committee will be responsible for all of the local arrangements and logistics.     GROUP EMAIL ADDRESS:   Membership in the Local Arrangements Committee is by invitation only. 

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FSCI2019 Outreach Committee

Responsible for marketing materials, social networking, identifying and inviting students, participation in promotion of FSCI at other conferences, writing articles, organizing lists   GROUP EMAIL ADDRESS: Archive:

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FSCI18-Program Committee

The FSCI2018 program committee is responsible for the content of the program, scheduling, course design, selection, communication with instructors, design of curriculum and materials, evaluations and overseeing program activities onsite.

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FSCI18-Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee is responsible for overall management of the summer institute.  FInal decisions will be made in all activities by the Organizing Committee. Membership in the Organizing Committee is by

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FSCI 2018 Planning Group

FSCI – July 30 – August 4, 2018 at University of California, San Diego Description The FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute at the University of California, San Diego is a week

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WG4:Enabling technologies and infrastructures

Description The culture we envision for the Scholarly Commons will not just happen. We need supportive technologies and infrastructures that will enable the culture of the commons to flourish. We

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