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Beyond the PDF2: Outcomes

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The BtPDF2 meeting generated a lot of enthusiasm, collaborations and concrete actions.  We'd like to be able to track these through FORCE11 so we can keep the momentum going.  Please feel free to create pages or to link content here:


BeyondThePDF2 – TimeLapse from Jongens van de Tekeningen on Vimeo

Images of these notes are below.


  1. Why we need an open alternative to Google Scholar:  Google Doc outlining a strategy for creating an open alternative to Google Scholar, proposed by Stian Håklev, a PhD student at University of Toronto.
  2. The Amsterdam Manifesto: Working document outlining principles and best practices for data citation, developed by a break-out group from the Making it Happen session.  We now have an on-line version ready for comment and endorsement for FORCE11 membersAmsterdam Manifesto
  3. A Scholarly Revolution:  A group dedicated to a radical approach to scholarly communication.  Join the revolution at #scholrev
    1. The Revolution has started:  Listen to the first Google Hangout
    2. On #scholrev – Beyond the PDF2 – a video
  4. Audio Visual (Re)Sources for for academic publishing
  5. Data Review: Making it happen!


You can find videos from the event at:

Visual Notes

You can find the high resolution versions of these notes as follows. You may need to download them to see them properly. They are licensed under the creative commons attribution license below.

Creative Commons License
Beyond the PDF Visual Notes by De Jongens van de Tekeningen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Reflections and Summaries of Beyond the PDF 2

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