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FORCE11 Membership

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FORCE11 exists at the intersection of research activity and communications, bringing together a diverse group of scholars, publishers, librarians, and technologists who are seeking to transform scholarly communications. This diversity makes FORCE11 unique within scholarly communications. Membership in the FORCE11 community is free and open to all interested parties. Join today and start participating in the conversations, the various FORCE11 Groups and their efforts, or one of the many events FORCE11 hosts.

Membership benefits  

FORCE11 membership brings many benefits. In addition to actively working to improve research activity and transform scholarly communications, FORCE11 provides an engaging community and supportive network to advance one’s ideas and interests.  

Members may do the following:

  • Stand for Board election/serve on Board of Directors
  • Vote in Board of Directors elections
  • Run a FORCE11 Group
  • Participate on a Group
  • Join a FORCE11 Committee
  • Volunteer as member of community activities (FSCI, conference, etc.)
  • Post on the FORCE11 website
  • Speak at a FORCE11 event
  • Teach a FSCI course
  • Endorse outputs of groups, as an individual
  • Access the FORCE11 brand and affiliation
  • Display membership, or contribution on committee, group via ORCiD or LinkedIn, etc. 
  • Help to improve research activity and transform scholarly communications

Join FORCE11 and begin your journey by signing up now.

Remember, FORCE11 membership is open to all and is FREE!