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Open Licensing and Open-Source

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Effective date – 20 Jan 2022

Where possible all software used in the making of the FORCE11 website is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and all content is open licensed — primarily as Creative Commons (unless otherwise stated): Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) and remains copyright of the respective authors.

Software FORCE11 uses GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

You can find us on GitHub and for chat on Slack.

Ongoing development (>2022) is managed by the FORCE11 Website Committee, lead Simon Worthington @mrchristian99See:


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Open-Source software

  • WordPress
    • Worpress frameworks: Elementor, and; Publishing Press
  • Buddy Press and Humanities Commons plugins
  • CiviCRM
  • Git

Code contributions

See on Github.

Open content and fonts

Credits and thanks you

  • Project lead 2021 site build Simon Worthington – FORCE11 board member and volunteer.
  • Thank you to FORCE11 Board of Directors for input and support.
  • Drupal to WordPress migration and site build 2021. Thank you to RunStop for database migration from Drupal to WordPress; to Avco for consultancy and technical configuration, and; to Interpunct for full-stack web design and UX.
  • Web hosting Siteground, USA and Germany.

Guides and inspiration

Documentation and development