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Dear FORCE11 Members, 

FORCE11 is an amazing organization that draws on members from the researcher, publisher, library and software communities. We’re committed to transforming scholarly communications, making it more open, more responsive, more trustworthy, more useful and ultimately more effective.  We do this through outreach, through convening, through education and through working groups that produce community guidance on transformational elements of our ecosystem.  FORCE11 has been a leader in conversations around data citation, data sharing, software sharing, researcher rights and ethical elements of the community. To keep FORCE11 moving forward, we need both volunteers and subject matter specialists who can devise these best practices and work toward consensus. We also need leaders who can step up and help organize the grassroots of our organization and can coordinate the teams of volunteers that make our organization so vibrant.

The FORCE11 Board of Directors is issuing a call for nominations for people willing to serve on the Board of FORCE11.  This group leads all of the operational and strategic decision-making activities of the association and ensures the execution of those plans. A large part of this work involves engaging the volunteers who are participating in the activities of FORCE11, such as working groups, the annual conference, FSCI, fundraising and other communications activity.  Members of the Board must participate in monthly meetings of the Board of Directors and engage actively in Board activities, but also engage in at least one of the subgroup activities. It is expected that Board members will contribute 5-10 hours per month in helping to achieve organizational success.  We are seeking leaders and future leaders from out diverse worldwide community.  We welcome and champion the diversity of our membership and seek to replicate that in many ways on our Board.  We strive to make accommodation to support the involvement of those voices, which does require Board members to be flexible with regard to participating in meetings to facilitate worldwide involvement. 

If you are willing to commit your time and energy, you can help FORCE11 in achieving our goal of transforming scholarly communication. We welcome your nominations and future involvement in our activities. For more information and a detailed description, please visit this page on the FORCE11 website, which contains information about bylaws and Board activities. 

If you have any questions or would like more specific information, please feel free to contact me or other members of the FORCE11 Board.

Nominations will close on Friday December 2, 2022 at 23:00 pm UTC (22:00 CEST/6:00 PM EST)

With kindest regards,

Todd Carpenter
President, FORCE11 Board of Directors

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