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FORCE11 Board Completes Strategic Planning Exercise

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In 2021, the FORCE11 board conducted a strategic planning exercise to review our work, our goals, and how our organization is being run. We followed the ITAV (It Takes a Village) framework developed by Lyrasis with the support from an Institute of Museum and Library Services (ILMS) grant. We conducted six strategy sessions. The sessions were prepared by then co-chair of the Board, Violeta Ilik, with the help of Board members Dr. Mantra Roy and Dr. Miho Funamori. The first strategy session was held on May 10, 2021 and the last one on August 9, 2021. 

Here are some highlights from each strategy session: 

  1. First strategy session: reviewed different stakeholder groups and prioritized them to identify those that  need the most attention from the FORCE11 BOD. 
  2. Second strategy session: re-evaluated our mission and vision. 
  3. Third strategy session: examined our governance.  The need to document clear and succinct descriptions for all board officers and charters/charges for all task forces/groups/committees emerged as an important objective and next step. 
  4. Fourth strategy session: focused on discussing the community infrastructure and BOD members identified many initiatives, some already underway, that will enhance the infrastructure. Some of them are: 
    • Establishing an annual Force11 Community award program 
    • Launching a new blog focused on original content regarding open scholarship and the future of open access 
    • Revamping the way membership is administered to include easy process for including all registrants to annual conference and FSCI 
    • Revamping the working group program to ensure all working groups are represented at FSCI and annual conferences 
    • Using the new website to organize our community lists and membership rolls so that we have a consolidated understanding of how we communicate with our community
  5. Fifth strategy session: focused on resources, both human and fiscal, that need to grow in order to launch open community programs and help them thrive. Programs need to evaluate their resource plans in response to the broader landscape and trends in the domain FORCE11 serves. 
  6. Sixth strategy session: focused on community engagement and what we need to focus on in the future. Some immediate action items include: 
    • Bringing more people into the fold – turning community members into stakeholders
    • Setting up processes and infrastructure to facilitate engagement 
    • Communicating clearly our practices and policies  
    • Increasing non-directed community activities 

The Board used this guidance to revise its structure, organize its leadership, and set strategic goals for 2022 and beyond.

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