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Join the Open Source Community Call co-hosted by FORCE11, Dryad, and eLife on July 8th, 8:30am PDT, 11:30am EDT, 4:30pm BST

Recording available here:  –  Notes available here:

Innovators share the latest updates and opportunities in research communication and publishing. Representatives from projects present in a ‘lightning talk’ format, 10 minutes or less, to share about projects and communities that are emerging or underway, so we can learn more about available open resources, where we can engage or contribute and consider where collaboration can contribute to the path forward.

July 2021 – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

In July 2021, presenters will focus on topics of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in research communications:

  • “Grantmaking for diverse, equitable, and inclusive participation in open-source development and computational research in STEM” – presentation by Liz Vu (@T0FUCAKE): Co-Founder of Learning Equity (@LearnEQ) and Program Associate at Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ( Sloan Foundation makes grants primarily to support original research and education related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and economics. The Foundation believes that these fields—and the scholars and practitioners who work in them—are chief drivers of the nation’s health and prosperity.
  • “Better Together: Creating an Equitable, Inclusive, and Diverse Community through Collaboration”- presentation by Melanie Dolechek (@h82w8md): Executive Director of Society for Scholarly Publishing and convener of the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (@C4DISC). C4DISC ( is a community comprised of consortial groups formed to discuss and address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the scholarly communications industry.
  • “Wellcome Trust’s DEI Strategy and Antiracism Principles” – presentation by Diego Benedict Baptista (@diegobaptista): Diversity and Inclusion Adviser on Research Culture at Wellcome Trust ( Wellcome supports a broad programme of discovery research across a wide range of disciplines with the potential to make important and unanticipated discoveries about life, health and wellbeing – both to help us tackle these great challenges, and to inspire further improvements in human health.
  • “Challenges of building Open Science communities and developing resources in the Middle East” – presentation by Batool Almarzouq (@batool664): Founder of RLadies Dammam (@RLadiesDammam) and recently launched Open Science Saudi (@OpenSciSaudi). She brings a unique voice and perspectives of developing open science community in Arabic speaking countries.
  • Iryna Kushma and Nathan Woods from the FORCE11 working group: Reimagining Educational Practices for Open (REPO) will discuss how the Open Science Training Community can broaden its understanding and improve the delivery of Open Science training now and in the post-pandemic world.
  • …and more!

Registration is free! Please register at the event registration page.

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Open Source Community calls are co-hosted by Dryad, eLife and FORCE11 to foster collaboration and raise awareness of open resources, practices and communities in the research publishing space.


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