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Dealing with data: a case study on information and data management literacy.

Maryann Martone
Authors: Haendel, Melissa A Vasilevsky, Nicole A Wirz, Jacqueline A  …
4 Oct 2012
1 comment

Misconduct accounts for the majority of retracted scientific publications

Maryann Martone
Authors: Fang, F. C. Steen, R. G. Casadevali, A. A detailed…
2 Oct 2012
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Retractions Retraction — Did We “Overinterpret” or Did PLoS Editors “Overwrite”?

Maryann Martone Archive:
28 Sep 2012
1 comment

Networked knowledge, and the knowledge of networks

Anita De Waard
Over the past month, I went to three workshops which both…
26 Sep 2012

We must be open about our mistakes.

Maryann Martone
Authors; Woodgett, Jim Journal: Nature 2012 vol 489 issue 7414 pagination…
25 Sep 2012
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Future impact: Predicting scientific success.

Maryann Martone
Authors: Acuna, Daniel E Allesina, Stefano Kording, Konrad P This article…
24 Sep 2012
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Walking away from the American Chemical Society

Maryann Martone
Author: Jenica Rogers Archive:
16 Sep 2012
1 comment

Ten years on from the Budapest Open Access Initiative: setting the default to open

Maryann Martone
Series Title: Budapest Open Access Initiative 2012 Archive:
12 Sep 2012
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Research Ethics, An Open Access Resource?

Paola Di Maio
Research Ethics is a *vast* topic, critical to the advancement of…
9 Sep 2012
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Infrastructure Cuts Hit Databases Hard

Maryann Martone
Authors: Monya Baker   Funding cuts by the US National Library…
8 Sep 2012
No comments

Impact factor: researchers should define the metrics that matter to them

FORCE11 Admin
Authors: Victor Henning William Gunn Archive:
8 Sep 2012
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The glacial pace of scientific publishing: why it hurts everyone and what we can do to fix it.

Maryann Martone
Authors: Vosshall, Leslie B Journal: FASEB J 2012 vol 26 issue…
7 Sep 2012
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