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Call for Nominations: Dryad Scientific Advisory Committee

Tracy Teal
Crossposted from the Dryad Blog Dryad was founded over a decade ago…
14 Oct 2020
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Open Access Books Toolkit

Valerie Mccutcheon
A new toolkit for book authors that has just been launched. …
12 Oct 2020
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Call for nominations to the 2020 – 2021 FORCE11 Board of Directors

John Chodacki
Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to the FORCE11 Board. FORCE11 is…
12 Oct 2020
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7 Proven Strategies to Proofread Effectively

Robert Smith
Author: Enago Here are 7 proven strategies to ensure your writing is…
7 Oct 2020
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Open Transparent Science Survey

Diana Kornbrot
Author: kornbrot OpenScienceSurvey Appeal for views on the pros and cons of…
6 Oct 2020
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Effective Data Practices: new recommendations to support an open research ecosystem

Cynthia Hudson-vitale
Association of Research Libraries (ARL) is pleased to announce the release of a…
29 Sep 2020
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Introducing the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA)

Bianca Kramer
Last week the Initiative for Open Abstracts (I4OA) was launched: This…
29 Sep 2020
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Passenger Pigeon Manifesto

Adam Harangozó
Author: Adam Harangozó Signed by a large number of professionals, the Passenger…
14 Sep 2020
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Register Now for Open Source Community Call – Sept 2020

John Chodacki
Join the Open Source Community Call co-hosted by FORCE11, Dryad, and eLife on September…
8 Sep 2020
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Infrastructure series: Standards

Jennifer Kemp
Web technologies and standards are central to just about everything discussed…
31 Aug 2020
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Namig Isazade
Author: Ekaterine Lomia The present article is related with the issues of…
22 Aug 2020
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Advancing collaborative research with contributor roles

Kristi Holmes
by Julien Colomb, Mohammad Hosseni, Violeta Ilik, Nicole Vasilevsky, Barbara Kern,…
4 Aug 2020
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