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A Round of Applause for FORCE2021!

Jennifer Miller
This penultimate conference blog post is a hearty round of applause and congratulations for those who made…
10 Dec 2021
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Day 3 of FORCE2021

Jennifer Miller
We are heading into the third and final day of FORCE2021: Joining Forces to Advance the Future…
8 Dec 2021
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Day 1 of FORCE2021

Jennifer Miller
Start your first day of the conference with our first keynote, by Dr. Leslie Chan, Director of…
6 Dec 2021
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Unpacking for FORCE2021

Jennifer Miller
Fortunately you didn’t need to pack for this week’s virtual conference: FORCE2021: Joining Forces to Advance the…
5 Dec 2021
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Why You Should Miss One of Our Amazing Keynotes *

Jennifer Miller
What does it mean to schedule amazing keynote talks for a truly global virtual conference? The organizing…
3 Dec 2021
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Welcome to FORCE2021!

Jennifer Miller
Do you remember your last in-person conference? I do. I fondly remember reconnecting with familiar faces and…
1 Dec 2021
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Survey to Help Define and Support the Emerging Open Access Management Community

Fiona Murphy
In order to create a shared understanding of the ways that the transition to open access is…
29 Nov 2021
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“It’s a Matter of time” - Talk for Frankfurt Conference 2021

Danny Kingsley
[This is the script of the talk I gave to the Frankfurt Conference on ‘Publishing Trends’ –…
11 Oct 2021
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