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Negotiating the Future of Scholarly Communication

Nate Jacobs
The open access movement, which broadly seeks to remove barriers to reading…
21 Sep 2021
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Recommendations for the Handling of Ethical Concerns Relating to the Publication of Research Data

Daniella Lowenberg
The growth in data sharing over the last few years is an undeniably positive trend …
7 Sep 2021
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A Step Forward for Software Citation: GitHub’s Enhanced Software Citation Support

Martin Fenner
On August 19, GitHub announced software citation support in GitHub repositories.
25 Aug 2021
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Best Practices for Software Registries and Repositories

Alejandra Gonzalez-beltran
Software is a fundamental element of the scientific process, and cataloguing scientific software is helpful to enable…
3 Aug 2021
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REPO Community Talks and Webinars – Recordings and Forthcoming

Fiona Murphy
The FORCE11 Re-Imagining Educational Practices for Open (REPO) Working Group has convened a number of online events…
26 Jul 2021
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Announcing the Single Source Publishing Community Launch!

Simon Worthington
The Single Source Publishing Community (SSPC) is focused on scholarly publishing and is a meeting place for…
2 Jul 2021
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Open Source Community Call – July 2021

John Chodacki
Join the Open Source Community Call co-hosted by FORCE11, Dryad, and eLife on July 8th, 8:30am PDT, 11:30am EDT, 4:30pm…
28 Jun 2021
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Infrastructure Series: Collected Resources

Jennifer Kemp
Looking back at the Infrastucture Series with collected resources recommended …
5 Feb 2021
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