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FORCE 2015 Hackathon

Modified: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:42:38 +0000
Published: 26 May 2022

Kickoff Session: Sunday January 11: 18:00 – 23:00

Conference Hackspace

We'll provide a space for continued development/working during the main conference. This space will include a stream of the main session.


1) Metahack! Hack the FORCE11 Manifesto

Here is a chance to show how scholarly communication could look – a future there for you to reinvent. At this hackathon we invite everyone interested in coding and dreaming to bring their innovative principles into practice: interactive figures, collaborative peer review, executable papers, crowdsourced collaborations – bring it on!

We will devote a portion of the –Drupal-based – Force11 website to the Force15 hackathon. The FORCE 11 Manifesto is now 4 years old, and a staid PDF! document – we want to invite anyone who is interested to reinvent, recode, rewrite/update/upgrade it. If you prefer, feel free to write/sing/code your own contribution on changing communication on the platform and link it to the Manifesto.

2) Community mining of scientific publications

Build and deploy scrapers for scholarly journals and tools to liberate millions of facts from the scientific literature – from species names to chemical structures, tree diagrams, gene identifiers and diseases. Think of questions that machines could ask using the whole of our combined scholarly output and explore how to answer them through current technologies and identifying potential novel approaches.


Selected results of the hackthon will get shown at the Geek Out session on the last day of the conference. 

DEV URL and additional information

If you already have a user account on the LIVE site you may use those same credentials to login. For additional admin privledges please email Josh at > or TXT (619) 929-0762.

If you DO NOT have an account already use the DEV site to create your account. Email or TXT josh for administrator privledges. Admin access give you more features then the defaul user account.

The FORCE11 website is built on the open source CMS Drupal 7. If you want to get really fancy you can write a module and post to Github then Josh will install.