The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

FORCE2015 Agenda-at-a-Glance

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Published: 26 May 2022

Sunday 11 January 2015
Location of Meetings – MAPS
Pre-Conference Workshops

Start TimeEnd TimeSessionRoom/Location
08:0018:00Registratione-Research Centre
08:3013:00Do we Know How to Cite Date?  If so, let's go (limited space) – FULLe-Research Centre – Room 277
13:0016:00Future Commons (open to all)e-Research Centre – Room 265
13:0018:00Contribution and Attribution in the Context of Scholar (open to all)e-Research Centre – Room 278
13:0018:00Data Citation Support in Reference Managers (open to all)e-Research Centre – Room 277
13:00 18:00Workshop: Wikimedia as a Platform for Science Communication (open to all)e-Research Centre – Theatre B
13:00 18:00Common APIs for FAIR Data Repositories (open to all)e-Research Centre – Room 051
15:0018:00ContentMine Workshop (open to all)e-Research Centre – Theatre A
18:0024:00HACKATHON!  Sponsored by CrossRef  e-Research Centre – Room 278

Monday 12 January 2015
Location of Meetings – MAPS

Start TimeEnd TimeSessionRoom/Location
08:0018:00RegistrationMathematical Institute
08:0009:00Light breakfast: Coffee, tea and pastries 
09:0009:15Opening Session: Introductions and Updates 
09:1509:25Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (1665) 
09:2510:30Keynote: Communication with a Crowd: Lessons from Citizen Science    Chris Lintott, University of Oxford 
10:3011:00Coffee Break 
11:0011:30Updates from 1K and FORCE11 Activities 
11:3012:45Session:  Valuing the Diversity of Scholarly Impact in a Networked World 
12:4514:15Lunch and Tour to visit Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 
14:1515:15Keynote: Managing Data: The Long View   Amy Friedlander, National Science Foundation 
15:1515:45Ice Cream Break – Sponsored by Elsevier and Mendeley 
15:4517:00Panel: True or False? Transparency, Validation, and Reproducibility of Research in Scholarly Communication 
17:0017:05Demo Previews 
17:0517:30Session:  Summary of Day 
18:3021:30Data, Demos, and Drinks posters and demos reception 

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Start TimeEnd TimeSessionRoom/Location
08:0009:00Light breakfast: Coffee, tea and pastries 
09:0010:00Keynote: Libraries of Scale: Global Partnerships and Scholarly Access   Sarah Thomas, Harvard University L1 – Mathematics
10:0010:15Coffee Break 
10:1511:30Vision Session:  5-minute Flash Talks – Great Ideas!L1 – Mathematics
11:3013:00Session:  Credit Where Credit is DueL1 – Mathematics
13:0014:15Grab a Box Lunch and Join a Birds of Feather Group 
14:1515:30Panel:  Funding Panel: Innovative Funding Models 
15:3016:15Session:  Outcomes from Breakout Sessions and Workshops 
16:1516:45Traditional English Tea Break 
16:45 18:00Session:  Geek Out – Research on the Web 
18:0018:30Closing Session:  Where Have We Been and Where are We Going as a Community?  Phil Bourne, NIH 
18:30 Closing Remarks:  Announce winners of Vision Session Awards and Demo/Poster Awards 


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