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FORCE2016 Team Contributions and Thanks

Modified: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:46:41 +0000
Published: 26 May 2022

We are coming down from a bit of a high. The mass of positive feedback from attendees at #FORCE2016 has been almost overwhelming. Clearly this is going to be a very hard act to follow, but we will be committing to continue the energy and enthusiasm as we go forward towards 2017.

The credit for this must go to the outstanding conference organising team. In particular we need to single out Melissa Haendel, OHSU as conference chair. Her continuing enthusiasm, energy and tenacity were at the heart of making the meeting the success it was. Her continued commitment to experimenting and testing the boundaries of what a meeting can be, alongside a continuous focus on working to bring new voices into the conversation (35 travel fellows!). Thank you Melissa for all your work to bring this vision of what FORCE2016 could be to life. Thank you for bringing together and leading the team that made it happen.

We also want to acknowledge all those who contributed to the conference through work on the Conference Committee, the local organizing committee, or on the ground at the event. It is all the very many pieces working together that make a great conference. Thank you for your contribution.

Leadership Team

  • Melissa Haendel, FORCE2016 Conference Chair
  • Nicole Vasilevsky, FORCE2016 Conference Co-Chair
  • Susanna Sansone, FORCE2016 Conference Program Chair

Team Members

  • Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran
  • Anita de Waard
  • Annie Burgess
  • Beau Case
  • Brian Westra
  • Bruce Caron
  • Bruno Paschoal
  • Bryan Vickery
  • Cameron Neylon
  • Cassie Kling
  • Catherine Brownstein
  • Charlie Rapple
  • Chris Erdmann
  • Chris Shaffer
  • Damian Pattinson
  • Daniel Mietchen
  • Daniel S. Katz
  • Danny Kingsley
  • Denisse Albornoz
  • Deric Corlew
  • Dominique Babini
  • Elie Wiese
  • Erin Foster
  • Fiona Murphy
  • Jackie Wirz  
  • Jeffrey Grethe
  • Jill Rodgers
  • Josh Utley
  • Judith Blake
  • Juliane Schneider
  • Kaitlin Thaney
  • Kaveh Bazargan
  • Laura Zeigen
  • Laure Haak
  • Leslie Chan
  • Lisa Girard
  • Maija Anderson
  • Marguerite Avery
  • Maryann Martone
  • Mayank Trivedi
  • Merce Crosas
  • Michael Lauruhn
  • Neil Chue Hong
  • Neil Smalheiser
  • Randi Vita
  • Rebecca Boyles
  • Robert McDonald
  • Robin Champieux
  • Rose Relevo
  • Samir Hachani
  • Shanez De Silva
  • Simon Hodson
  • Simone Sacchi
  • Stacy Konkiel
  • Stephanie Hagstrom
  • Steve Van Tuyl
  • Tim Clark
  • Tom Crick
  • Violeta Ilik