The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Session Abstracts

Modified: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:42:36 +0000
Published: 26 May 2022


Valuing the Diversity of Scholarly Impact in a Networked World (Call for Abstracts)
Networks and social tools are enabling new forms of research dissemination and scholarly discourse, and with these, we are seeing the emergence of a diversity of scholarly artifacts, research objects and participants (e.g. citizen scientists) in various contexts. Instead of a homogenized communication framework (such as the traditional journal), how do we collectively design systems that value the diversity of research communities (particularly those in low resource settings) having different needs, priorities and cultural values regarding the outcomes and impact of research? 

Credit Where Credit is Due (Call for Abstracts)
This session will investigate how different types of scholarly products are valued in different contexts. Specifically, we will discuss metrics for evaluation, expertise finding systems, and attribution systems that value contributions. We will consider attribution provenance for multiple contributors and multiple contributions over time. Finally, we will consider how different types of scholarly contributions (e.g. papers, books, data, software, samples, etc.) are valued in different countries and in different domains.