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Registration & Housing

Registration Instructions Be sure to read all of these instructions before proceeding to the registration portal. First, be sure to read the FSCI 2024 Courses & Abstracts, and choose which courses you would like to attend. Consider the times of each course as you choose. Once you have the courses you’d like in mind, then … Read more

Community Events

We hope you come to FSCI for the fantastic courses, but attendees always rave about the FSCI community!  Our global gathering exemplifies sharing knowledge across boundaries of space and discipline to exchange wisdom, identify emerging wicked problems, and plan communally-shaped solutions. Unfortuantely, we did not convene a Participant Experience Committee this year, as our volunteer … Read more

Agenda – At a glance

Virtual Week Date: Mon 7/22 Tues 7/23 Wed 7/24 Thurs 7/25 Fri 7/26 Morning (Pac time) FSCI “Opening” Plenary  Early Virtual Courses (V01 – V08) Early Virtual Courses (V01 – V08) Early Virtual Courses (V01 – V08) FSCI Plenary A few Early courses  Afternoon (Pac time) Late Virtual Courses (V09 – V15) Late Virtual Courses … Read more

FSCI 2024 Courses & Abstracts

Course numbers for each course are either V or C. V are virtual courses, being held the week of July 22nd through 26th C are campus courses, being held July 29th through the 31st Virtual Courses Course Number Course Title Designated Timeslot Zoom Length Lead Instructor Additional Instructor(s) V01 Science Is a Social Process: Data … Read more

Course List with Abstracts

E01 – Maximizing Visibility of Your Work in the Open Access Jungle Georgina Harris, Timothy Vollmer Abstract: With a shift toward open access (OA) publishing and an increasing number of journals and publishing platforms, there are plenty of opportunities for researchers to share their scholarship. But how can authors manage and maximize their scholarly impact?  … Read more

Agenda – At a glance

FSCI2023 will take place over one week, with course sessions happening on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We highly encourage you to budget time to attend some/all of the plenary events and community events, as well as set aside time to work on course projects, do assigned readings, connect and chat with fellow attendees on Slack … Read more

Plenary Events

You must go beyond attending your FSCI course to get the true benefits of the institute.  Our program committee not only chooses the courses we offer each year – they also assemble plenary events that tie into our theme and overall curricular goals. We’ve arranged for two dynamic Keynote sessions inspired by our theme, Collaboration … Read more