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FSCI Community Events

Modified: Wed, 06 Oct 2021 10:21:45 +0000
Published: 6 Oct 2021

Throughout the two weeks of FSCI, you will learn much within our courses, and in the plenary events. But there’s so much more going on in the “virtual hallways” of the institute, which many attendees count as the most valuable aspect of the experience.

Community members are leading the arrangement of structured events, activities and programs – a variety of ways that all FSCI attendees can contribute their voices and their ideas to the conversations around scholarly communication. We hope that you select a venue to contribute that is either within your comfort zone, or challenges you to stretch beyond that comfort zone.

Lightning Talks


Birds of a Feather

Fireside Cats!

Random Network

Guided Network Event

Battle Decks


Call to Action/Open Mic


Lightning Talks

Do you have a story to tell, or a successful technique to suggest to your colleagues? Are you passionate about a facet of scholarly communication that you don’t see in our curriculum? Do you have something to add to the dialogue that you feel is being overlooked? Then contribute a Lightning Talk, and spark some conversation. Held on Day 1 of FSCI, these talks help set the tone and foster connections among like-minded professionals in attendance.  

The main rules are that your talk should: 1) make the audience think; 2) discuss something that could make an impact in scholarly communications, 3) be a maximum of five minutes; and 4) follow the FORCE11 Code of Conduct.

If you want to present a lightning talk, please submit a description of it at the link below by July 25th. The submitted talks will be reviewed by a small committee (Tom Olijhoek, Daniel S. Katz and others) for relevance, potential impact, and excitement, with preference given to those proposals that complement other parts of the FSCI program. Decisions will be announced by July 30, along with brief feedback.

Accepted lightning talks can be presented either without slides or with PDF slides. Slides will be required to be submitted by 9AM, August 3rd, the day of the lightning talks to give us time to assemble them into a single presentation to avoid delays in switching screen sharing.  Each speaker will get up to 5 minutes to talk. Some related guidance on roughly similar talks is available from

Deadline: July 25, 2020


EasyChair Abstract Submission Guide



Mind-Matching allows you to meet individuals who share the same professional and/or personal interests with you, based on your responses to the participants survey. As FSCI gets underway, you will be connected with your matches via email. 


Birds of a Feather

The Birds of a Feather (BOF) program provides opportunities to join your colleagues over the course of FSCI 2020 to network and exchange ideas, insights, and experiences. If you are interested in leading a discussion or have ideas of topics you wish to contribute, sign up to join a BOF group.  FSCI Birds of a Feather groups are a way to keep the momentum going and change the world!  

To join a BOF group, look for the channel in the FSCI2020 Slack: #birdsofaFeather

Or coordinate with the organizer via the following form here


Fireside Cats!

Sometimes you need a break from all this relentless professionalism, and you want some company as you unwind. During in-person FSCI, when disengaging from your coursework and grabbing a coffee or tea, you can naturally strike up conversation with someone from across the world who just happened to approach the beverage table at the same moment. Every Fireside Cats! session is searching for that serendipity in a communal Do-nothing-a-thon of soothing vibes. So come, sit back in a relaxed environment, and chat with FSCI's coolest (and warmest) cats.

Join us, and bring your own cup of coffee, tea, or a nicely chilled prosecco. We have a variety of schedules to suit different time zones (and beverage preferences). We also have a variety of topics to start us off – but no syllabus, no action items, no agenda. Just conversation!

August 4th @ noon: Why FSCI matters to you 

August 5th @ 4am: Why FSCI matters to you 

August 5th @ 7pm: Why FSCI matters to you 


August 6th @ 11am: Institutional cultures of Open Science

August 7th @ 4am: Institutional cultures of Open Science

August 7th @ 7pm: Institutional cultures of Open Science


August 10th @ 11am: Gathering Open Data

August 11th @ 4am: Gathering Open Data

August 11th @ 11am: Virtual Meetings What Have We Learned, What's Still Needed

August 11th @ 7pm: Gathering Open Data


August 12th @ 11am: CARE Principles of Indigenous Data Governance + Mukurtu

August 13th at 4am: CARE Principles of Indigenous Data Governance + Mukurtu

August 13th at 7pm: CARE Principles of Indigenous Data Governance + Mukurtu


Random Network

This networking program will give you the chance to meet new friends powered by the serendipitous magic of probability! All FSCI participants will be randomly separated into small groups at the beginning of FSCI. This is our effort to replicate casual, coincidental meet-ups in the hallways or in the cafeteria at in-person FSCI events. Once connected, you are encouraged to network within the small group via the platform of your choice (e.g., Slack, email, Google Hangout).

Guided Network Event

The Guided Network is an experimental program this year.  Tied to the Lightning Talks, it will reconvene Lightning Talk speakers via Zoom, to continue exploring their topics, and build networks of like-minded folks around the ideas, principles, discoveries and projects they discussed on Day 1.  Hopefully, those networks will gain traction and carry on their conversations throughout FSCI and beyond.


Battle Decks

You will not want to miss this night!!  Everyone is invited to take part in Battledecks (a.k.a. PowerPoint karaoke)—Virtual Edition!  How are your improv skills? Ready to perform in front of a live audience? Each contestant will be given 3-5 minutes to present, speaking over ten slides you have never seen, with the goal of telling a coherent story while (a) entertaining the audience and (b) keeping a straight face. An in-person FSCI favorite, we’re dying to see how this plays out via Zoom.



Tired of talking about a problem?  Want to do something about it? Building off the concept of a hackathon, a do-a-thon is a work-sprint where people from different skill sets work together and collaborate on different challenges and projects. Bring your ideas for a focused project to be addressed, or question to be answered, with the help of other FSCI participants.  Ideas will be selected by consensus, so ideas that benefit the wider community will generate more enthusiasm. Working groups will be formed to tackle the project in collaboration.

Start thinking about projects that a small group could conceive and accomplish in a short time – more information is coming soon on how to put your idea forward for consideration. The Do-A-Thon will launch during the Mid-Point Plenary day on Friday, August 7th, and work will continue asynchronously from there (including on the weekend for those who are willing).


Call to Action/Open Mic

Throughout FSCI 2020 everyone will have multiple opportunities to share how FSCI has changed how you think about any topic in Scholarly Communication, or how our world needs to change, and what you plan to do about it! 

The Call to Action is a way for participants to issue a call to action for the rest of those assembled at FSCI 2020, and/or  inspire others to work with you to take action and mobilize change in the world.

This year the FSCI Call to Action Open Mic will take place on a dedicated Slack channel, and during a Call to Action Open Mic event on Thursday August 13th.  To participate, join the #2020Calltoaction Slack channel and throughout the week participate by contributing your ideas, and attend the Call to Action event.  

#2020Calltoaction on FSCI2020 Slack.


More information can be found here.

FSCI participants bring their work to the world in a variety of ways.  Be inspired to keep the momentum going by watching the videos from FSCI 2019. 

Details on how you can get involved in all these events will be sent to FSCI registrants over the summer months.