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Modified: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:48:33 +0000
Published: 26 May 2022

FAQ     Visitor Info          Twitter/Slack      Code of Conduct    Dress Attire     Instructor Schedule     Classroom Setup    Housing 


The following information is provided for instructors.  We will be updating this page often. 


See instructor frequently asked questions here:

Instructors may log into FORCE11 website and leave a question/comment below or add comments to the FAQ Google Doc here.



We will be using Twitter Hashtag #FSCI to communicate with attendees via Twitter.  We have also set up a SLACK Team for FSCI.  We have sent out an invitation to all FSCI participants and ask that you all sign up.  We will be making announcements through the SLACK team and channels.  The Slack Team for FSCI is 'Force11Sci'.



The summer institute attire is very casual – please dress comfortably, summer/beach attire.  If you are comfortable, shorts, T-shirts and flip flops are appropriate.


We had instructors orientations: provided here recording of a meeting: /wp-content/d7/audio_only.m4a 


Instructor Courses/Meeting Information

There are two class periods of three hours each day (on Monday, the morning class period only will be two hours rather than three to allow a plenary session for introductions).  Morning (AM) classes run each day for the whole week (14 hours total). Afternoon classes run either Monday-Tuesday (MT), or Wednesday-Thursday (WT) (6 hours each). On Friday afternoon, there will a special plenary colloquium, where participants will have an opportunity to show off their work for the week through lightning presentations.  Coffee will be available throughout the day at the Institute of the Americas (IOA).  This means that you do not need to hold a break at a specific time during your class period as you and your students can get refreshments at any time during the day. 

There is a common lunch break between 12:30-1:15pm each day. Since meals are included for every student and instructor, the entire institute will take its lunch together. This allows for the kind of networking and mixing of ideas that make a Summer School like this so productive.

We have plenary events schedule each day for the early afternoon and evening. You can see these (and the rest of the schedule  Here is a summary of Instructors schedule:

On the  first morning, we will use the plenary introductory session to introduce students to our team of instructors and encourage instructors to say a few words about their course and their goals for the week. This is to help build the sense of community and let students see what is going on in the other classes.   If possible we would appreciate if one instructor from each course be present at the opening plenary to present.    

Instructor Meeting – Review of week activities, updates to course information.  

  • Sunday, July 30 – 5pm- 6pm Location To Be Announced

FSCI Opening Plenary – Instructor Course Introductions.  

  • Monday, July 31 8:45am – 9:45am 

AM Courses (AM) – 14 hours each

  • Monday 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday through Friday 9am – 12pm

Afternoon Courses (MT) and (WT) – 6 hours each 

  • Monday and Tuesday (MT) 1:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday (WT) 1:30pm – 4:30pm 

Colloquium Plenary Session

  • Friday 1:30pm – 4:30pm


We have booked classrooms for each class in the Institute.  We will post these classroom names on the course list and list the type of seating for each room in a list we will post on this page.  UCSD is a big university, so many of these are large rooms. Each room will have the following basic equipment:

Tables and chairs for seating (the rooms vary with type of tables and chairs available.  Some are tables with 2 chairs each or chairs with attached movable tablets or conference style with chairs around one large table).  Instructors are free to move the chairs and tables around in their room to suit the best learning environment for their particular class.

Laptops:  Instructors should plan on using their own laptops for presenting to the screen.  If you need us to rent you a laptop, please let us know by July 21, 2017. 

  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Table in front of room instructor materials
  • Table in back of room with power strip for a charging station
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • UCSD Guest WIFI

If you have additional needs, please let us know '' and we will try to accommodate your requests.  


We have reserved private rooms within shared on-campus apartments for instructors.  Instructors are welcome to arrange their own housing off campus at the instructors expense.  

Apartments house up to  four people in each and include the following.  Apartments will be assigned by Gender.  You may request roommates on your registration form.  Family housing is also available.  You may indicate this on the registration form.    

  • 4-bedroom apartment
  • 3-bedroom apartment
  • (1) bathroom
  • (1) kitchen includes refrigerator, stove and oven only (does not include any kitchen pots, pans, glasses, dishes or utensils). 
  • Internet is provided through the campus internet
  • Gold HouseKeeping: Beds are made upon arrival with (1) set of bed linens, (1) blanket, (1) pillow. (1) set of towels that can be refreshed upon request during stay, clothing hangers, portable fans and toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, shower gel, hand/bar soap). Service includes twice weekly cleaning of commons area and trash removal. 

Please note: the apartments do not include televisions or air conditioning


Here is a list of items that will be provided for each course.  

  • (1) Complimentary Registration Fees
  • Daily Meals during the Institute (Mon – Fri)
  • On-campus housing ONLY (Sun – Fri single room in an apartment) – Note: For those who are travelling from afar we can also provide a room on Sat night
  • Travel reimbursement upon request (we have a very limited scholarship funds available this first year).  Coach fares.  International fare reimbursement up to $1,500.00. Domestic fare reimbursement up to $800.