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Lightning Talks

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Published: 26 May 2022

The following 5-minute lightning talks were presented at FSCI 2019, using a combined set of slides for all the talks.

  • Alice Fleerackers. Scholarly communication in the age of SEO: Who are we optimizing for?
  • Rayna Harris. Community-driven efforts to translate data science educational materials into Spanish
  • Judith Pasek. TRAIL: Access to Grey Literature
  • Cameron Neylon. Monitoring the Transition to Open Access at Scale
  • Miho Funamori. Getting the Engagement of Different Stakeholders within the University for Research Data Management—An attempt by AXIES, the association of ICT centers at Japanese universities
  • Kannan Palavesam. Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS): Innovative RIM as a Service to the Higher Education Institutions in India
  • Amanda Page and Jon Tennant. 5 Languages of Attribution in Open Access, Science, and Scholarship
  • Liz Stokes. RezBaz: People over technology at a digital skill sharing not!conference
  • Ari Zuntriana. Promoting open science in Indonesia through the Wibisana MOOC
  • Tom Olyhoek. Large discrepancies in listings of quality OA journals by different Indexing Services
  • Philips Ayeni. Examining the realities of digital repositories as alternative means of scholarly publishing
  • Jess Howie. Anatomy of a campaign: How we used "10 Ways to Boost the Impact of your Research" to get through to researchers
  • Ian Harmon. More than mere service providers: vocational awe and bullshit work in scholarly communications librarianship
  • Gabriele Hayden, Vicky Steeves and Sarah DeMott. What does Reproducibility mean for Qualitative Research?
  • Ivo Jimenez. Agile Research Delivery (not presented due to travel difficulties)
  • Sara Lafia. Re-creating and Exploring Research Neighborhoods
  • Pam Lough. Metadata 2020

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