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Matrix of the Commons

Modified: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:49:35 +0000
Published: 26 May 2022

The Matrix of the Commons provides an accounting for all scholarly objects and entities within the commons and provides links to information and materials ensure that that they are Open, FAIR and Citable.  For each object, we are aiming to create a decision tree that helps guide individuals and organizations towards best practices for commons compliance.  


Type Object Open FAIR Citable Identifier Governing principles/documents
 Research objects            
   Protocols       DOI  
   Journal articles X     DOI

 O:  Budapest Open Access Initiative 

   Books or monographs       ISBN  O:  Budapest Open Access Initiative 
   Book chapters       DOI   O:  Budapest Open Access Initiative 
   Peer reviews          O: Open peer review oath
   Annotations          O, F:  Annotating All Knowledge
   Data X X   DOI and others  O: Denton Declaration; F:  FAIR Data Principles;  C:  Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles
   Software tools & code X     DOI, RRID  O, F:  Open Source Definition; Software manifesto, Open Software Definition     C: Software Citation Principles
   Grant Proposals X      
   People       ORCID  
   Organizations       GRID  
   Working Group          
   Project       RRID  
   Grants        Grant #'s  
   IRB forms/Animal    Protocols          
   Decision trees       DOI  
   Publishers  (Repositories) X X X RRID  O:  Principles for Open Scholarly Infrastructures; F:  FAIR Data Principles;   C:  Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles
   Infrastructure          O:  Principles for Open Scholarly Infrastructures
   Journals       ISSN  
   Instruments          O: GOSH open hardware initiative
   Physical samples       IGSN   
   Reagents       RRIDs