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Published: 26 May 2022

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Social Media

We use Twitter Hashtag #FSCI to communicate with attendees and report on FSCI to the larger community.  We have also set up a SLACK Team 'Force11Sci' for FSCI instructors and students.  

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JCSD Library FSCI Blog 

Sample Twitter Announcements 

The following items may be used to help promote FSCI.    

We also use the following fragments in the table below to construct tweets:

One of these messages

With this URL info

With one of these tags/conclusions
  • Registration open! 
  • Newest trends in research and data publishing. 
  • Discount registration until July 02. 
  • Increase your research impact. Register now! 
  • What supervisors don't know about publication!
  • Learn the latest developments in publication!
  • What does Open Access mean for my research?
  • What does Open Science mean for my research?
  • What does Open Data mean for my research?
  • How can your research reach more people? Find out
  • What's new in reproducibility? Learn more
  • Open Science? Open Data? Open Access? Learn more
  • Learn how to raise your academic profile!
  • Reputation management. Learn more
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July 30 – Aug 03


San Diego!