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5/24/2017 – Announcement FSCI with Course List

04/19/2017 – Announcement – F11 Membership – Mailchimp Link 

02/10/2017 – Announcement – F11 Membership – Webpage Link

02/10/2017 – Announcement – F11 Membership – Webpage Link

02/09/2017 – Announcement – UC San Diego – Press release


Twitter Announcements

  • #FSCI Force11 launches Scholarly Communications Institute. Registration open for 7/31-8/4/2017 Institute.
  • FORCE11 launches first Scholarly Communications Institute (FSCI). Registration Open, 29 courses. 7/31-8/4/2017 
  • FORCE11 announces Scholarly Communications Institute at UC San Diego July 30 – Aug 4, 2017, San Diego, CA
  • FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute  Submit course ideas:
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  • Registration open! 
  • Newest trends in research and data publishing. 
  • Discount registration until July 8. 
  • Increase your research impact. Register now! 
  • What supervisors don't know about publication!
  • Learn the latest developments in publication!
  • What does Open Access mean for my research?
  • What does Open Science mean for my research?
  • What does Open Data mean for my research?
  • Understanding the Information Rich University!
  • How can your research reach more people? Find out
  • What's new in reproducibility? Learn more
  • Open Science? Open Data? Open Access? Learn more
  • Learn how to raise your academic profile!
  • Reputation management. Learn more
  • "When the Global is Local." A course this year
  • Inside Scholarly Communications Today. A course
  • Scholarship in the 21th Century. A course
  • Building Open & Information-rich Research Institute
  • Research Reproducibility in Theory and Practice
  • Data in the Scholarly Communications Life Cycle
  • Open Humanities 101. Course
  • Data Citation Implementation 4 Data Repositories
  • Open Annotation Tools and Techniques. Course
  • Communication & Advocacy 4 Research Transparency
  • Student Research as Gateway to Open Practice
  • Opening Up Research and Data. Course
  • Sci-AI Platform: Literature-Based Discovery
  • Perspectives on Peer Review. Course
  • Altmetrics: Now and Next. Course
  • Technology & Tools for Academic Library Teams
  • Building Public Participation in Research
  • Managing Digital Projects in Research and Classroom
  • Software Citation. Course
  • #AuthorCarpentry: Open Authorship and Publishing
  • Design Thinking and User Research in Scholarly Comm
  • How Scientific Papers on Twitter. Course
  • Open Science Framework. Openness and Reproducibility
  • Using Wikidata in Research and Curation. Course
  • A practical guide to New Metrics. Course
  • How Universities Can Create an Open Access Culture
  • Advocacy and Activism in Scholarly Communications
@Force11rescomm Scholarly Communications Institute
  • #fsci
  • #force11
  • July 31-Aug 4
  • @UCSD
  • San Diego!



List Serve/Facebook Announcements

4/19/2017 – Copy for List Serves and Facebook Announcements


FSC11 Posts

Fireside Chat with FSCI

Author: Iryna Kuchma Join Fireside Chat with FSCI in The Reimagining Educational Practices for Open (REPO) Community Event Series    Serah Rono, Director of Community Development and Engagement at The Carpentries, will chat with Martin J. Brennan, Scholarly Communication Education Librarian at UCLA, about his role in the FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI), and the impact

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You should attend FSCI, here is why.,,,

You should attend FSCI, here is why. FSCI is a unique experience that will place you in the middle of an ongoing conversation about open access and scholarly communication. Researchers, librarians, and other specialists get together to teach, learn, and strategize, impulsing change. But FSCI is much more than that.  I first heard of Force

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