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Published: 26 May 2022

Announcement Flyer:  Flyer (PDF)

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Email Promotions:

5/24/2017 – Announcement FSCI with Course List

04/19/2017 – Announcement – F11 Membership – Mailchimp Link 

02/10/2017 – Announcement – F11 Membership – Webpage Link

02/10/2017 – Announcement – F11 Membership – Webpage Link

02/09/2017 – Announcement – UC San Diego – Press release


Twitter Announcements

  • #FSCI Force11 launches Scholarly Communications Institute. Registration open for 7/31-8/4/2017 Institute.
  • FORCE11 launches first Scholarly Communications Institute (FSCI). Registration Open, 29 courses. 7/31-8/4/2017 
  • FORCE11 announces Scholarly Communications Institute at UC San Diego July 30 – Aug 4, 2017, San Diego, CA
  • FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Institute  Submit course ideas:
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  • Registration open! 
  • Newest trends in research and data publishing. 
  • Discount registration until July 8. 
  • Increase your research impact. Register now! 
  • What supervisors don't know about publication!
  • Learn the latest developments in publication!
  • What does Open Access mean for my research?
  • What does Open Science mean for my research?
  • What does Open Data mean for my research?
  • Understanding the Information Rich University!
  • How can your research reach more people? Find out
  • What's new in reproducibility? Learn more
  • Open Science? Open Data? Open Access? Learn more
  • Learn how to raise your academic profile!
  • Reputation management. Learn more
  • "When the Global is Local." A course this year
  • Inside Scholarly Communications Today. A course
  • Scholarship in the 21th Century. A course
  • Building Open & Information-rich Research Institute
  • Research Reproducibility in Theory and Practice
  • Data in the Scholarly Communications Life Cycle
  • Open Humanities 101. Course
  • Data Citation Implementation 4 Data Repositories
  • Open Annotation Tools and Techniques. Course
  • Communication & Advocacy 4 Research Transparency
  • Student Research as Gateway to Open Practice
  • Opening Up Research and Data. Course
  • Sci-AI Platform: Literature-Based Discovery
  • Perspectives on Peer Review. Course
  • Altmetrics: Now and Next. Course
  • Technology & Tools for Academic Library Teams
  • Building Public Participation in Research
  • Managing Digital Projects in Research and Classroom
  • Software Citation. Course
  • #AuthorCarpentry: Open Authorship and Publishing
  • Design Thinking and User Research in Scholarly Comm
  • How Scientific Papers on Twitter. Course
  • Open Science Framework. Openness and Reproducibility
  • Using Wikidata in Research and Curation. Course
  • A practical guide to New Metrics. Course
  • How Universities Can Create an Open Access Culture
  • Advocacy and Activism in Scholarly Communications
@Force11rescomm Scholarly Communications Institute
  • #fsci
  • #force11
  • July 31-Aug 4
  • @UCSD
  • San Diego!



List Serve/Facebook Announcements

4/19/2017 – Copy for List Serves and Facebook Announcements