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Visitors Information

Modified: Thu, 26 May 2022 13:49:54 +0000
Published: 26 May 2022

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    Meeting Parking and Location

    FSCI will be held at the UCSD School of Medicine – Medical Education and Telemedicine (MET). See Maps & Directions link above.

    The closest parking structure to the FSCI Summer Institute is Gilman Parking (5 minutes walk). After you have collected your parking permit and park, walk towards the large area of grass in front of you. On your left is the Stein Clinical Research Building (gray/green). On your right is the Medical Teaching Facility (concrete/dark brown). In the middle is the Medical Education and Telemedicine Building (glass with brown trim).

    For those who use Uber/Taxi – Please ask your driver to use "Medical Education and Telemedicine" in his/hers navigation app.

    FSCI Registration: Will be in The Medical Education and Telemedicine Building (glass with brown trim).  Walk to the other side of the building and registration is in the outdoor foyer area. 


    YOU MUST PURCHASE A VISITORS PARKING PASS OR YOU WILL GET A TICKET.   Parking passes may be purchased in advance on the FSCI registration form or may be purchased in the Gilman Parking Structure.  Please read the information printed on your parking pass to familiarize yourself with parking pass limitations and park only in the marked spots as indicated on your parking pass. 

    The parking passes will be available for pick up with your FSCI badge.


    FSCI Meeting Parking and LocationFSCI Meeting Location - MET Building

    Campus Information

    Fitness On Campus

    UC San Diego recreation is opening the gates for you! If you want to exercise, play basketball or just to stretch your muscles you have a few options on the campus, from swimming to weight room. You can find the description and hours on the UC San Diego Recreation website

    Students: Day pass- $3, Flex pass $2 a day but you have to buy a minimum of 5

    Non-Students: Day pass- $10, Flex pass $7.  With any of the passes you can visit any room or activity on the campus.

    Eat & Drink on Campus

    Here you can explore more dining options on campus:

    UC San Diego Dining Facilities


    Check out YelpTripAdvisor, or other restaurant reviewing sites for more ideas!



    Like the rest of San Diego, La Jolla benefits from a mild, Mediterranean climate that is sunny and temperate throughout the year. The average high temperature stays between the mid-60s and mid-70s, with August beeing the warmest month the degrees can reach up to 90. However, we are located close to the beach and we have a cool breeze, a sweater might be required for cool nights.

    Dress Attire

    The summer institute attire is very casual – please dress comfortably, summer/beach attire. Shorts, T-shirts and flip flops are welcome.


    San Diego Airport

    San Diego Airport is located approximately 25 minutes from the UC San Diego campus. Flights arrive daily from across Canada, the US.

    The Airport is located 10 minutes from Downtown and serviced by 22 major and commuter airlines including non-stop flights from Mexico, Canada, Japan and the UK, San Diego International Airport is managed by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and receives more than 16 million passengers a year.

    For more information by TSA (Transportation Security Administration).

    Transportation From the Airport

    San Diego Information

    San Diego Visitors Bureau

    On the San Diego Convention Center and Visitor Bureau website you can find more information about hotels, local transportation, maps and directions, weather information, and more.

    San Diego Attractions