The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Why Attend?

Modified: Wed, 06 Oct 2021 10:21:44 +0000
Published: 6 Oct 2021

Why Attend?

Stay a step ahead in scholarly communications

Are you passionate about the future of scholarly communications? Do you want to stay current in the changing landscape? Do you want a deep-dive into FAIR research data management and stewardship?  Then don’t miss FSCI 2021 – a premium combination of learning and networking online!

What is it all about?

Fundamentally, FSCI is about equipping you for the changes taking place across scholarly communication. Whether you are a researcher, a librarian, a funder or a publisher, FSCI will deepen your understanding of the forces at work and how you can use them to shape the future.

By participating in FSCI, you will learn about:

  • The mechanisms supporting scholarly communications 
  • FAIR data management
  • FAIR data stewardship
  • Relationships between publishing, research and the real world
  • How technology is creating an open, transparent and collaborative research endeavour
  • New ways to measure research output and showcase success
  • The role of data in developing a robust and trustworthy research environment
  • The FSCI experience is designed so you can bring back your new wisdom and make change happen where you work. See the course list.

When and where is FSCI?

It’s completely online!  July 26 –  August 5th, 2021

How much does it cost to attend?

We are offering three levels of enrollment:

  • Package 1: Plenary and Community Sessions plus 1 course – US$ 110
  • Package 2: Plenary and Community Sessions plus 2 courses – US$ 185
  • Package 3: Plenary and Community sessions only – US$ 10

Are there scholarships available?

Scholarships are available and will be awarded based on several factors, including financial need, disciplnary and geographic balance of our attendees, and additional factors.  Detailed instructions and links coming soon. If you intend to apply, please do not register until you have applied and have heard back from us with the needed discount code.

Why do we need FSCI?

This institute focuses on teaching researchers, librarians and scholars innovative ways to publish reproducible research. Our robust community draws scholars from all over the world, including countries that are historically underrepresented in scholarly communication. FSCI is of interest to STEM researchers and beyond because the central theme of the conference is to teach people the most up-to-date ways to manage and communicate data and scholarship. This institute will educate our scholars on methods to advance science beyond the bench and take part in the transformation of how we communicate science.  But importantly, FSCI connects researchers and scholars from across the disciplines, as we have much to learn from each other's methods in this space.

Who is FSCI?

FSCI 2021 is a volunteer-driven effort of colleagues from across the Scholarly Communication ecosystem, and is co-hosted by the UCLA Library and FORCE11.

FORCE11 is a community of scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers and research funders that arose organically in 2011 to study and facilitate new developments in knowledge creation and communication. Membership is open to all who share this interest.