The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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Commons Working Group

This group is inactive visit Scholarly Commons Working Group for a continuation of this groups work.  


Defining the Future Commons

Diverse communities of knowledge and practice drive the communication of research and scholarship.  These communities, which include humanists, scientists, librarians, publishers, and funders are eagerly engaging with new ideas and technologies aimed at building more effective models of scholarly communication. Innovative conversations, collaborations, experiments, and advances have emerged.

While different needs, scholarly norms, perspectives, and resources underpin and motivate these developments, so do strong shared goals.  We can build on this commonality of interest, leveraging our individual and collaborative work and knowledge, to advance scholarly communication across the network of activities that encompass knowledge generation and sharing.

To this end, FORCE11, the Digital Library Federation, and Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship are partnering to organize a series of community sessions, called Future Commons, focused on articulating the new era of scholarly communication we are trying to build.  We believe that the exercise of discussing and debating a shared vision will inspire collaboration and ground the specific work, technologies, and concerns of diverse scholars, practitioners, service providers, and organizations within a shared and living framework.

The DLF will host the inaugural Future Commons session at its annual Forum, October 27 – 29, 2014, in Atlanta, Georgia.  FORCE11 will host the second session at the FORCE Conference in Oxford, England, January 12 – 13, 2015.  ARCS will host the culminating session at its conference, April 26 – 28, 2015, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Leading up to and between the Future Commons sessions, we will organize online discussions and prepare informal publications.

The goal of this working group is to produce a shared vision for scholarly communication across domains, and an analysis of organizations, individuals and tools that exist across this landscape.  A set of products will be produced for a “road show” that will serve as a focus for discussions at different scholarly meetings.  During these sessions, we will encourage the participants to “get on the map”, so to speak.  Through these interactions, we will build a global expertise network of organizations and scholars interested in moving scholarly communications forward and will collaboratively define a shared vision towards which we can all work.

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Group Conferences

DLF Forum: October 27 – 29, 2014, Atlanta, GA, USA

FORCE Conference: April 17 – 19, 2016, Portland, OR

ARCS: April 26 – 28, 2015, Philadelphia, PA, USA



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