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With requirements from funders for data management plans in grant applications, FORCE11 has an opportunity to help coordinate the many efforts underway around the globe to provide tools and recommendations for creating these data management plans. In alignment with FORCE11's efforts to distill commons principles and best practices governing the production of research objects so that they are FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), we propose the FAIR-DMP (Data Management Plan Principles) Working Group. The goal will be to provide a simple set of principles, along with examples of domain-specific implementations and recommendations for best practices, that emphasizes good data management, stewardship and machine-readablity for making data FAIR. Also, given FORCE11's emphasis of data citation principles, we want to ensure that researchers are producing and managing data and associated research outputs in a way that promotes and enables proper citation in the future.   We have been inspired to propose this working group to address one of the five touchpoints that Phil Bourne presented in FORCE2016.


FAIRDMP@FORCE11.ORG (Private only for group members)



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