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FORCE11 Communications and Marketing

The FORCE11 Communications and Marketing Committee was brought together (in 2018) to help raise the profile of the FORCE11 organisation. We are professionals with marketing and PR experience working in scholarly communication across sectors, and we are FORCE11 community members in research, technology, publishing, and advocacy. We work in close collaboration – on the committee and beyond – to stay connected to the interests of the worldwide community. Requests to join the committee are very welcome and will be considered once a year, between December and January. 

The group’s purpose:

  • To raise the profile of the FORCE11 organisation
  • To support the aims and objectives of FORCE11
  • To encourage wider membership of FORCE11
  • To manage communications channels and activities, including the FORCE11 website, email newsletter, discussion list and social media 

The group works in parallel and in collaboration with communication committees for the annual meeting and summer institute.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Sending email newsletters, circulating announcements via social media and / or discussion lists, adding news items to the FORCE11 website, interviewing members / delegates to capture quotes / copy for marketing purposes
  • Writing copy, articles, blog postings and social media content to help promote FORCE11
  • Designing visual materials for use on the web or in print
  • Reporting on the impact of communications efforts, via web traffic or social media reports
  • Assisting in the marketing of the annual FORCE11 conference and FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Summer Institute
  • Helping to ensure the FORCE11 Board of Directors and other staff / committees are updated about activities and results

The group will be chaired by a member of the FORCE11 Board of Directors. Volunteers should be members of FORCE11 and will ideally represent a wide range of FORCE11 stakeholder organisations. Experience with communications or events management, good web connectivity, web literacy, and a willingness to learn are essential.

Prospective volunteers are invited to review our goals for working together

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