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Administrator and Member Email Notifications

The FORCE11 website has a lot going on and therfor it has a lot of email notifications and sometimes remembering where all those email notification settings are is not always easy. Here is a quick cheat sheet to help new staff and administrators more quickly make frequest changes such as updating the "To:" email address.

Administrator New Member Notifications

  • Member Added (pending approval) – This is the same as "New Member Profile Created" except it checks the user's status and is only sent if it is Blocked.
  • New Member Profile Created
  • Member Changed Their Email

Member Welcome Emails & Account Notifications

  • Account Settings (Scroll to the bottom of the page. Options are listed in the left menu.)

Organic Group Administrator & Member Email Notifications

  • Member Un-subscribed from a Group
  • Member Subscribed to a Group (active)
  • Member Subscribed to a Group (pending)
  • Working Group has Expired

Donation Email Notifications

  • Email an order invoice
  • E-mail admin checkout notification
  • E-mail an order update notification
  • Notify member when a role is granted (disabled)
    This rule is currently disabled because it was sending the same information to new users that they already receive in the Welcome Email ( Now, existing members will not receive a notification when they are granted a new role which is fine because they get an invoice AND they were already members so they don't need the welcome email text again.
  • Notify member when a role is revoked (disabled)
    This rule is is currently disabled because it is sent even if the role was renewed in PayPal.
  • Notify member when a role is renewed
  • Notify customer when a role is about to expire (disabled)
    This rule is currently disabled because there is no need to notify the member of the expiration since all paid roles automatically recur.



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