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Notes about FORCE11 Annual Nominations and Voting

The following are listed in order of occurrence/use. Please read through each one. All pages will only show results from the current years election.

Once nominees are accepted by the board each nominee must be entered into the database manually using the Submission for Vote content type.

Board Nominations

Send the board here to see and "Accept" nominees that member will vote for.



That this page is not published and is set to disabled (in its Page View) until at which time it must manually be enabled before it can be viewable again. Only the super user can edit the Page View.


Send members to the following URL to vote for the accepted nominees.



The Submissions page is a Page View while voting is in progress AND will only display results once submissions for vote have been created with the "Submission for vote" content type. Click here to see how to locate the SID number used when creating content using this content type.


After voting has closed the Basic Page is to be published with the same URL ( to take the place of this page which informs people that voting has closed.

Each year these two pages (Page View and Basic Page) must be swapped around. Only the super user has permission to disable the Page View. Click here to see a screengrab of where to disable it.


Page View (disable using view user interface as shown in screengrab):

Basic Page (remove "_placeholder" from url alias and then publish this page): Click here to see screengrab instructions.


To see the webform:

Click "Edit" > Webform (tab) > Form settings (sub-tab) scroll down and change the form status from "closed" to "open". I have not done this so you could see how it is done by performing these steps yourself.

-Or- click this link to go to that section now.


And, here is an example Announcement created last year that you can use for reference when you create this years announcement (


Displays the number of votes cast for each nominee as well as a list of members who voted.


Displays the winners only after the winners are selected (On the Vision Statements, first click "Edit Submission" then on the submission click "Is selected" on the nominees submission page listed above).

FORCE11 Board Nominations Details

Displays details grouped by voting Member

FORCE11 Board Nominations Talley

Talley grouped by voting Member

Voting Members

Lists all member who voted.



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FORCE11 Admin

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