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RII Related Press Supports the Resource Identification Initiative With Free Stuff for Beta Testers.

Press Releases for RII

Beta testers needed to help make basic science more reproducible
Help make basic science more reproducible and get free stuff
Elsevier and the Neuroscience Information Framework Work Together to Improve Reporting of Research in Neuroscience Literature
The Force 11 Resource Identification Initiative and the Article of the Future
Resource Identification Initiative; keeping track of lab resources
PeerJ supports the Resource Identification Initiative

Related Articles

Mimimal Data Standards for Neuroscience Publications

On the reproducibility of science: unique identification of research resources in the biomedical literature. (2013) PeerJ 1:e148

Policy: NIH plans to enhance reproducibility

Promoting research resource identification at JCN. (2014) Journal of Comparative Neurology 552(8): 1707

Reproducibility. (2014) Science 343: 229

The Antibody Challenge (2014) Biotechniques 56(3): 111-114


Identifying research resources in biomedical literature should be easy. Poster presentation at the Neuroinformatics meeting, Leiden, Netherland, August 2014. Video available here.

The Role of Libraries in Data Management and Curation. Presentation at American Library Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV 2014.

The Resource Identification Initiative: Making Science More Reproducible. Poster presentation at the Research Data Alliance Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, March 2014.

The Resource Identification Initiative: What are we curating anyway? Presentation at the International Society for Biocuration Conference, Toronto, Canada, April 2014.

An Urgent Need for Validating and Characterizing Antibodies. Webinar, The Scientist, May 2014.

How do we know what we don't know? Exploring the data and knowledge space through the Neuroscience Information Framework. Presentation at Building Analytics for Integrated Neuroscience Data Meeting, Ontario Brain Institute, Ontario, Canada, May 2014.



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