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Reports Ideas and Projects (RIAP)




The benefits of early publishing have been demonstrated by the emergence of several preprint servers. These are usually domain specific and make it easier for researchers to present their work before it is peer reviewed and published in a traditional journal. There is, however, a set of key documents for which there is not yet a preprint server; research reports and proposals are usually hidden in various repositories and web sites or they are simply never published. Although the importance of these documents is undeniable, there are practical matters to consider before demanding these documents to be published in a preprint server.


  • Define use cases presenting scenarios related to the publication documents describing projects, progress reports and ideas.

  • The resulting use cases, sets of metadata and, recommendations will be put of for endorsement by the the general community.

  • Produce a set of guidelines for publishing documents describing projects, progress reports and ideas in preprint servers.

  • Present a request for a preprint server to the OSF/COS in order to make it possible for researchers to publish and query these kind of documents.

  • Implement the resulting guidelines in the preprint server for Reports, Ideas, and Research Projects.



  • Activity: sharing the working document
    • started on july 13th/2017
    • done
  • Activity: getting research projects and having them available as running examples 
    • started on july 13th/2017
      • Update, August, 16th. Five research projects were updated.  
    • in progress, see sampledata and usecases. These documents are in the shared google drive
  • Activity: asking permissions from authors of these research propousals 
    • started on july 13th/2017
      • Authors of the five documents mentioned in the previous point had their documents openly available. they will be notified that their documents were being used as part of this effort -some of them have already been contacted. 
    • in progress, pdfs have been uploaded to the shared google drive
  • Activity: starting to build the documentation for the running examples 
    • started on july 13th/2017
      • Update, August, 16th. Document with running examples was generated; running examples are based on five research projects uploaded and made available over this plattaform. 
    • in progress, see sampledata and usecases. These documents are in the shared google drive

Documents in the GDrive 

  1. existingresources, in this document other repositories for this kind of documents are analysed 
  2. sampledata, this document currently has 3 use cases. the PDFs with the use cases are also in the GDrive
  3. usecases, this document has descriptions for the current workflow as it is available in the COS/OSF plattaform. It also has the user stories that we want to support. 
  4. metadata4rpio, this is a spreadsheet. all the metadata elements currnetly available in the use cases, see PDFs, are listed in the spreadsheets


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