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Resource Identification Technical Specifications Working Group


Julie McMurryJohn Deck


This group is a follow-on group to the prior successful pilot led by the Resource Identification Initiative working group. The overarching goals of this WG are to develop a technical specification for the purposes of expanding and enabling a robust, community-wide implementation of an identifier strategy for research resources. 

The Resource Identificaiton Initiative performed a pilot by prepending RRID to research resource identifiers so as to know that a research resource was used (see problem description here:, and pilot summary here: Issues with these types of identifiers and recommendations for identifier creation have been described recently in this 10-rules paper

The scope of this working group is to define identifier behavior for material resources in the life sciences (eg. model organisms, cell lines, antibodies, and knockdown reagents)*. There are three scenarios:

  1. Resources are already identified by a single centralized nomenclature authority for the resource type
  2. Resources are already identified by several different nomenclature authorities that need to be coordinated
  3. Resources have not yet been given any (resolvable) identifiers at all

*Information resources like software are better suited to the Software Citation WG. Contribution of resources may be relevant to the Attribution WG.


Preliminary considerations for this group are:

  1. Format specification: e.g. can we assume the native CURIE from the sources (where available) would be prepended with RRID: ? (eg. RRID:MGI:12345)
  2. Coordination strategy for distributed sources; what are the criteria and how will the identifiers be registered as RRIDs?
  3. Creation/registration for new resource identifiers, coordination with nomenclature authorities
  4. Enhancement of JATS and/or creation of new citation type so that these can be referenced outside the paywall.
  5. Resolver specification
  6. Persistence in the face of source resources disappearing.
  7. Requirements for software tools for use by journals, users, repositories, OLNs, etc.
  8. Documentation for journals, users, repositories, OLNs, etc.


We anticipate a 6 month effort to define this specification.


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