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Mission Statement

The data citation synthesis group is a cross-team committee leveraging the perspectives from the various existing initiatives working on data citation to  produce a consolidated set of data citation principles (based on the Amsterdam Manifesto, the CODATA and other sets of principles provided by others) in order to encourage broad adoption of a consistent policy for data citation across disciplines and venues.  The synthesis group will review existing efforts and make a set of recommendations that will be put up for endorsement by the organizations represented by this synthesis group.


The synthesis group will produce a set of principles, illustrated with working examples, and a plan for dissemination and distribution.  This group will not be producing detailed specifications for implementation, nor focus on technologies or tools


The group will meet weekly via teleconference up until a meeting to be held in conjunction with the Research Data Alliance meeting in Washington DC on Sept 17th.  The group will work to:

  • Assemble documents from the stakeholder groups that contain recommendations for data citation
  • Review documents and prepare a draft that outlines:
    • Core principles that are consistent across groups
    • Recommendations that require additional discussion or refinement
    • Issues that have not been addressed
  • For each principle, provide 2-5 examples that illustrate how it might be implemented
    • These examples should be actual working examples
  • A dissemination/distribution plan to publicize and gain support for consistent data citation principles

Time of meeting

Teleconferences will be held Friday mornings at 7 am Pacific Daylight Time


Tasks, Milestones and Deliverables

Task 1:  Assemble all relevant materials;  post links or attach documents to:  Done (but continuing)

Task 2:  Assemble list of participating organizations;  fill in Google Doc with information (due 8/9/2013)

Task 3:  Analyze 3 existing sets of data citation guidelines:  CoData, Data Curation Center, Data Cite and compare them to the Manifesto.  Post analysis or attach document to this page (due 8/9/2013)  Done

Task 4:  Go through the analyses point by point;  Maryann to synthesize into a slngle slide set.  (due 8/16/2013).  Continue discussion via VTC.  Done.  Will post commented version after each discussion.

Task 5:  Dissemination plan-outline posted by Dan Cohen.  Everyone to review.  Next meeting 8/30.

Task 6:  Finish review of comparison set;  begin process of drafting consensus draft document  (9/6);

Task 7:  Create a consensus document that provides a synethsis of the principles/discussion for presentation at the Sept 18-19th meeting (Dan and Maryann);  finalize agenda and goals for workshop (Paul):  9/13

Draft of Declaration of Data Citation Principles is available on Google Docs for comment

Task 8:  Meet in Washington DC on Sept 18-19th

Outcome:  A set of 8 principles was prepared, based on feedback from the participants.  The are available for comment via Google Doc:  Draft of Declaration of Data Citation Principles.  It was agreed that the Data Synthesis group, with some additional volunteers from the meeting, would continue to meet to create the necessary examples and other supplemental materials required before the principles will be sent out broadly for review.  

Task 9:  Create examples and refine preamble

Next steps following meeting at NSA in Washington, DC

1) From now to End of October: Document Completion by synthesis group (preamble, agreement, example, references, glossary) 

 2) November – December: Review Process

Nov 13:  Data Citation Web Portal ready for final review

Nov 21:  Dissemination phase for comment launched

 3) First half of January: Feedback Integration and generate final version

 4) Mid January: Dissemination/Endorsement starts



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