The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

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The Future Commons Partnership

Transforming Scholarly Communication through Collective Action


The purpose of Future Commons is to develop an interdisciplinary, cross-sector, and global collaborative partnership that promote transformation in Scholarly and Scientific Communication (SSC) by encouraging cross-silo innovation, dissemination, and mobilization. As such is an extension and development from the "Scholarly Commons" and "Commons" Working Groups.


The ultimate target/outcome of this Future Commons is a set of principles and an implementation strategy for the "Scholarly Commons": core values that can be said to represent best practice     in FAIR research dissemination. The intermediate goal during the proposed time frame is to secure development funding and recruit a sufficiently broad base of participation to ensure these principles have broad support. At the end of the proposed time frame, we anticipate launching a new effort, with considerable additional funding, that will focus this partnership on the     question of the principles.



Deliverables and Timeline

24 months from moment funding is secured

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